Are You Leaving a Link Footprint For Google?

01 Feb

Are You Leaving a Link Footprint For Google?

I’ve posted a few spammy emails like this and this in the past, not to be a jerk, but to help educate those who think those are good ways to build your links.

For some people, I have no doubt that they have increased the rankings for the terms they want. But are those links going to remain in place 5 years from now?

The problem with link schemes or networks is that the effect is temporary. Getting a #1 ranking in Google takes time and effort, and to get there with a link network positions your earnings in jeopardy.

Of course we all know that even high quality links can disappear for many reasons, and therefore, a link building effort must always be active in order to maintain those rankings.

So when you see those offers of easy backlinks or “Pyramid EDU Links” and items of that nature, it’s easy to get caught up in the promise of easy rankings. I won’t lie, I have tested all of those services out. Not for any clients, but for my own properties.

The results are always the same. The term I used for the link scheme gets top 3 placement in Google for a few months, then drops out of the top ten, and doesn’t stop falling until it reaches the 70’s. Keep in mind when I do these, I make sure that I don’t get any other links for that page. Of course I know there might be some random people who link, but I am not putting forth any additional effort.

So, that tells us the Google likes fresh links, and if you don’t remain active, your rankings will fall. I have to agree with them on those points because most topics are constantly evolving, and should be updated as that content is learned. Also, good sources of content will continuously earn links over time.

So to this footprint idea. What happens when you decide to purchase one of the packages? And let’s also assume 10 others all buy the same service. What do you think Google is going to do when it continues to find the same 11 sites all getting links from the same sites? A few times on same sites is chance. When it’s consistent, that’s intentional.

And when Google sees that, all the links in that network are de-valued and your rankings perish. This is why link diversity is critical to the success of your link building efforts. Blog comments, social bookmarking, directories, etc, you know the drill.

So much is talked about getting a certain type of link. But, spend your time wisely to earn links from all parts of the web, and Google will reward your efforts.

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  1. Andy Harris | February 3, 2012 at 2:25 am

    Nice and concise article about link building that summarises nicely what I want my followers to get reinforced in their heads, so have tweeted it on, thank you.

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