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27 Jan

Black Hat Software & Hosting
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Even Google wants some of this action.

An email was sent to me talking about this service, and I think it’s brilliant.

Simply put, this is a site where not only can you host your sites, but you even get the software INCLUDED with you hosting package.

This is a game changer in my book.

Now instead of having to buy the latest Tumblr spam machine marketing software, it comes with your hosting package!

I really hope this does well and we see other uses of this idea. Think about it. Apply this “black hat hosting” idea to the adult world. What about car dealerships? E-commerce?

The only limit is our imaginations, and I think in a few short years, we will have cloud service that will be making the same offerings to their clients.

Click here to see what I’m talking about (note: no affiliate link here, I really like the idea!)

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