Blogging: Immunity to Google Algorithm Updates

27 Jun

Blogging - Immunity to Google Algorithm Updates

With so many people losing rankings and business due to the recent Penguin and Panda updates from Google, there is often a scramble that takes place in order to secure some sort of proven method to lean on in times like these.

And that is why we are talking about blogging now.

No matter your frequency of posting, if you have a real audience, your traffic will continue to arrive from those loyal readers despite any ranking issues you might be facing. As we all know, Google loves fresh content, and the blog also provides this as well.

Of course, if you produce crap content, there are no guarantees that anyone will read what you have. Point is, if you have an active audience, they are there for the social participation of your community. they might not be buying your products or services, but they are sending strong signals to Google – Activity.

Sure, some of your links lost their value and your site dropped a little for some important keywords, but here’s were the opportunity lies.

Talk about your keyword in your posts!

It’s nothing that requires deep thought (most times), but it also tells that Google that despite the loss in some links, your site is still about that important keyword topic, and that readers find your information important.

Now, all you need to do is link to your product or service page that got docked in the rankings, do a social blast on all your business profile pages, and you have FRESH content with NEW and TRUSTED links pointed to your site.

Typically, you can expect your post to get some traffic from the search engines for two weeks tops. If your content was so good it got all kinds of authority links, then you will have just earned a new ranking just by sticking to your regular posting plan.

Not bad eh?

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