Brand Favoritism

13 Jan

Brand Favoritism

Note: This is more of a rant than anything important!

Not just from a customer perspective, but hiring as well. Seems like most people want to associate themselves with a big name, so that they look like they made the best possible choice – and if it’s the wrong choice, it’s easier to say that the failure was not because of them, but because the brand was soo big, it failed to live up to it’s own name, probably because they are so big.

Titles – Some people obsess over these. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people remain in situations that were not best suited for them all because of a title they were promised. If that’s all it takes to keep you around, I think that reveals more about your character than any other action you might take.

By hiring someone from a “brand name” there is an assumption that they know more or have had more experiences than someone working for lesser known brands.

Having worked for both “Big Brands” and “Lesser Knowns”, I can say without a doubt, the “Lesser Knowns” work much harder at what they do. They know that they have to do this in order to get the chance to compete. It’s not fair, but in life, no one said it had to be.

Big Brands are very concerned about their reputations and customer experiences (as they should be), and sometimes people are chosen simply because they have heard of the company name before.

Again, this re-enforces the notion that popularity does matter. Being a known name does influence people’s decisions.

I fought this battle for a long time (7 years) but, after seeing many times over the preference for brand name association, I’ve instead stopped fighting that war and instead focused on building on the foundation that I’ve been working on for the entire length of my career in this industry.

Brands mean you get more opportunities, but results will grant you more success in the long run.

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