Buying SEO services is a risk

18 Dec

Buying SEO services is a risk
If someone doesn’t know that going into the process, it’s going to end badly for everyone.
How can you tell if you are getting value?

In the “old days” you would look to see the rankings of the targeted keywords as the primary benchmark for success.

But today, conversions are all that you should be focusing on. Any good seo company will start their campaign with a benchmark report to compare their results against in the future.

Keep in mind that the report generated by the seo vendor will most likely focus on the metrics they are on the hook for to improve. You might want to make sure they have a lot of metrics to provide in order to validate the spend of their services.

Most common metrics include:
best converting content (on site and off site)
current traffic from channel they will be working on
social mentions
increase in traffic
increase in indexed pages (if it was an issue)
optimized content (Youtube videos/linkedin posts/pins on pinterest/etc)

All of these items are ways to measure the success of a vendor. The trouble comes in when the client is also doing social blasts or earning links for a certain set of keywords. Who gets the credit?

It’s always tempting to help out whenever possible, but it must always be noted and it has to be clearly communicated as to who would get the praise for making the needle move.

It is just about impossible for any decent seo person or firm to NOT have an impact on your properties. So when determining what is really working, knowing beforehand where you ranked ,or the number of followers you had is absolutely critical to success.

Otherwise, how will you know if your investment was worth it?

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