Can Working for a Company with a Bad Reputation Hurt Your Career?

08 Sep

Can Working for a Company with a Bad Reputation Hurt Your Career?
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If you look at my LinkedIn profile, you can probably guess what former employer of mine that I am talking about.

I never worried cause I was employed by them, and had no intention of looking for another job.

The people I worked with there were caring, concerned and were not part of what caused all the problems.

Instead, we were the ones fixing the mess left behind by the others.

But with a layoff, all of sudden I am looking for a new position.

I have 13 years experience, proven success with all the projects I work on, yet after 3 months of being available, only a few phone interviews, nothing more.

Am I asking too much for salary?
Am I not qualified?
Do I come off as an idiot on the phone?
Have I not done enough to prove I know what I’m talking about?

Then paranoia starts creeping in…

Is my former boss sabotaging me?
Is it a curse of my previous employer?

I never gave the curse idea much thought because I was already employed, and mentioned before, not looking…

But I’ve had other co-workers who told me that that it took them a while to get a new position, mostly due to the mention of the employer they were with.

If it only happens one time, you can dismiss. Three times, you might think there is something, but when that same mention hits double digits, then it’s something that can be considered.

Is the thinking that since I was working at the company with a bad rep, that I was part of the problem?

Most of my interviews came from friends and co-workers from the past who “got me in” in regards to an interview.

But nothing panned out.

Of course, I recognize that on most cases, they didn’t like what they heard from me.

Despite all the politically correctness we all display on social media and public forums, when it comes to job hiring, discrimination and personal bias are still major factors, since “intent” can’t be proven.

For me, the job search continues and even at this writing, no prospects.

As the process continues there are subtle questions asked about the former employer and quite possibly how it’s creating a roadblock for finding my next career destination.

Do you think there is any validity to this thought?

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  1. Jeff O'Hora | September 18, 2015 at 7:44 am

    Hmmm … actually Paul, I think quite the opposite is true or can be the case. It may be about “posture”.

    Personally, I would position myself both pre interview with resume’, bloggings, social exchanges as as you’ve pointed out, the one who was left to clean up other people’s messes. In the interview process while I would emphasis that, I would bring it around to your concern that everything comes down from the top and while at the outset you liked the challenges and the at first small rewards, the “at a boy!” compliments and such; over time the tedium and the ever increasing reality that this was how you were going to spend the rest of your working time there, that … that just wasn’t going to cut it for you. You believed that you brought so much more to the table than just cleaning up other people’s messes and that the reality that the senior management and it’s attitudes and philosophy wasn’t going to change, you in good conscience could not continue to support that work style and corporate culture.

    There’s more but time is limited right now but certainly “posture” and research is key going into the interview. Posture in positioning yourself as solution oriented, team driven, quality and integrity and research in knowing everything you can possibly learn about the prospective employer and if possible, the interviewer as well.

    Best of success to you there Paul!


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