The Truth About How to Get your Website Ranked in Google without Social Media

10 Sep

The Truth About How to Get your Website Ranked in Google without Social Media

Can Your Site Get Ranked Without Using Social Media?

Short answer: I think so.

Not long ago, Google declared that they look at social sites as a “signal” of activity. SEO’s immediately took that as, “Let’s get Likes from Facebook, Re-Tweets from Twitter and +1 votes from Google!”

Part of that equation is true.

Let’s put on our thinking cap and look to see how Google would measure this, shall we?

Fist off, rule #1 is: Google loves Google.

They own YouTube, and are trying desperately to complete with Facebook by jamming “Google Plus” down our throats. They’ve been very busy eliminating SERP positions so that brand names can dominate and push the smaller businesses down and out of the top ranking results.

Google can’t access any Facebook information other than the number of “Likes” a page has. Twitter recently shut them off as well, now Google can only cruise through the hashtags to see what the internet is talking about.

Search takes place on mobile platforms now more than ever thanks to tablets and smartphones. Google gave away FREE analytics to see how people are getting traffic to their site. (Google Analytics)

Don’t think for a moment that this act of generosity wasn’t done without some underlining desire to collect the most important data on the web: How people use the Internet.

Social bookmarking sites like reddit and stumbleupon provide easy ways for Google to see how people share stories and content. The optimized press release is another way for Google to see what information is interesting to people. Believe it or not, there are still some great human reviewed directories that are still quality places to get a link from. (Despite being a paid for link).

Sometimes your content is so great, that many sites will link to you just to provide their readers more information about a certain topic.

Seeing all the available ways to get links, social is just the current flavor of the month, and in time, will get replaced by something else.

Can you get ranked without social media? Absolutely – but it will take time to see the impact of those efforts.

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