Conversions – What to Look For

11 Aug

So, for most people, they think getting the top spot in Google solves all your problems. All that traffic will just automatically convert, right!?

Well, for some products and services, yes. But for most of us, that is only the start.

Conversions are different for everyone. For some sites, the conversion is when someone completes a form, or provides an email address. The e-commerce sites are always looking to sell and for every completed shopping cart, that’s an obvious conversion.

But what about all this social media? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube? How can you measure the success of a campaign from those efforts? Unlike the past where you would buy a billboard advertisement based on the number of people that drove past everyday, now you can measure just about every person that arrives at your site.

One thing that most people forget is that social media shouldn’t be looked at to generate tons of conversions. True, there are some sites that take advantage of this and do a fantastic job of converting that traffic, for the most part people do not want to be sold to while hanging out on facebook.

This effort should be considered a branding effort if you are going to try to justify a spend in the social space. So what are the criteria for a successful social campaign?

1.) Followers/Friends/Subscribers
2.) Comments on each of the big three (defined as YouTube, facebook and Twitter)
3.) Retweets
4.) Traffic to your site
5.) Conversions that occur on your site from these methods

Social Media delivers some interesting prospects to your site and if you don’t account for what they want, they will be very quick to dismiss you and your company based on nothing more than the lack of a few social networking buttons.

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