Crafting Your Keyword Bible

04 Nov

Crafting Your Keyword Bible

Nothing helps better than to have some guidance, right? If everyone involved with creating content for your site are tuned in and know what keywords the site wants to get ranked for, a keyword bible will make it easy to remember what terms to focus on.

It eliminates the the need to “ask the web/seo person” about what the content should focus on.

This will also help develop a process and plan of attack for everyone to easily see and prepare for. Imagine your best copywriter is going on maternity leave soon. With a keyword bible and a calendar of releases at the ready, you can make sure you’re covered for when she leaves.

Success in business is about preparation, execution and timing. Of course no matter how well you plan, something will always come up that you couldn’t anticipate. Having a plan in place makes it easy to shuffle the events around any unexpected events that the company can benefit from.

As soon as that unexpected event is taken care of, you can hop back on track and pick up where you left, and no one is left wondering what to do next.

Many times the keyword bible needs to be updated on a some kind of yearly schedule. That’s normal. As the company grows, the needs might also change to adapt to the growth as well.

By making a commitment to update the Bible and keep everyone on trck, it will reap benefits beyond the efforts that you have already undertaken.

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