Damn Right I’m an SEO Mercenary

21 May

Damn Right I'm an SEO Mercenary

Here’s a hard truth that no one mentions in talking to a client. When you hire me, you are hiring me to care. As soon as you stop paying, I no longer care.

I’ll confess that sometimes letting a client go is a FANTASTIC feeling. Not having to worry about someone else’s problems relieves a ton of stress.

I love the conversations where a potential SEO client tells me that “once I prove myself” that they will spend more money.


Let’s see, that has happened exactly TWICE in over the 500 clients I’ve worked with. I know that if you tell that to me that you are going to be the PAIN in THE ASS client that will need weekly reports or daily emails or calls.

Worse yet, you’ll probably try to pick my brain for ideas, and think it’s crazy of me to CHARGE you to add more keywords.

When an SEO takes you on, we also take on all your company politics, marketing endeavors, IT challenges and of course, all of the crazy shit that goes on at YOUR office.

We also are tasked with teaching the CEO that getting ranked for one-word high traffic keywords is NOT as important as getting ranked for KEYWORDS THAT CONVERT AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

Branded terms? Please, use your just graduated from college intern to do that. Here’s a little secret. IT’S AMAZINGLY SIMPLE TO RANK FOR YOUR BRANDED TERMS. I actually fired a client who wanted me to focus more on branded terms than cateorgy and TERMS THAT WERE DRIVING CONVERSIONS.

Why? Because I know what the client really needs to grow their business online. If someone searches your brand name, THEY ALREADY KNOW ABOUT YOU AND WHAT YOU OFFER. Your other marketing efforts have accomplished thier goals. Sure organic and social can be a part of that, but to GROW YOUR BUSINESS, you need to reach people who didn’t know you offered a product or service that they need.

So let’s get to the Mercenary part. As soon as the funds stop arriving, I no longer have to wonder about what’s next or how the next marketing effort will impact the business.

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  1. Richard Carter | June 4, 2013 at 1:17 pm

    Ain’t it the truth!

  2. Spook SEO | January 27, 2014 at 11:04 am

    Maybe its easy let clients go for those who have lots of work but for some newbie like me, it’s hard for me to lost even one client. The more client, the more income.

  3. admin | January 27, 2014 at 5:58 pm

    I understand. When I was getting started years ago that’s what I had to do as well. It’s a painful thing to go through and at some point you realize that making an extra $500 or $1500 per month for a pain in the ass client just isn’t worth it.

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