Dear Google: Turn off Google Instant

20 Jun

Dear Google: Turn off Google Instant

To whomever decided that Google Instant is a good idea:


I understand that you want to enhance the user experience, and it’s great that you seem to be focusing in search again, but you really need to give me an option to look at 100 results at one time should I choose to.

I can’t stand to look at results with only 10 options at a time. I know you probably tested this with some reviewers, but this is the Internet, where freedom of choice and EASE OF USE rule the day.

I really don’t want to leave you for Bing. I know this a a response to some of their gains, but give me the CHOICE to decide how I want to look at my search results. I know I am not your typical user, and for the time being I will tolerate your wacky ways of trying to make me find what I am looking for sooner.

Stop pre-loading results for what you think people are searching for. Until the day comes that you can truly know what the ‘intent’ of my search was, I want options. Just because your algorithm determined some site as the most worthy, doesn’t mean that I do. By forcing me to view your results in this manner is jarring from a user experience perspective.

I’m sure you can flip a switch somewhere and make things better. Please do so soon.

Internet Users of Google.

UPDATE: Here is how to turn this off!

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