Death of the Autoblog

04 Jan

Death of the Autoblog

For the sake of clarity, I’m not talking about the site that covers automobiles. Instead, what this post will discuss is how the one-time powerful autoblog has been taken down a few notches in Google’s algorithm.

For those who don’t know, an “autoblog” is typically a WordPress powered site that runs automatically. There are plugins that have been created that will automatically find content relevant to the topic of the site and post that information.

The most common resources are YouTube, Yahoo Answers and Flickr. There are also other content sources such as blogs and article sites as well that content can be taken from. Another favorite is the feeds of products from Amazon and eBay.

After you enter the criteria for the search phrases to find content on, all you do is wait for the scheduled times for the software to go collect the information and re-post it on the site.

These worked for a while since Google knew that most of them were being used to sell affiliate products. They would fall into the Google termed “Thin Affiliate” category meaning that Google knew there wasn’t any great source of content, and the owner of the site was most likely trying to sell a product or service.

Google knows that there is only a certain amount of information that can be used to describe a product or service. E-commerce sites that sell electronic equipment will all have the same specs for each product, so there are other factors that are needed to determine distinction.

Since an autoblog will have no new content to offer, Google sees no real value in those sites. Even if the autoblog is running nothing but Google Adsense, it’s still not a quality site to have appear in the search results.

I’ve been testing the autoblog against a one page site that lists all the product offerings and can tell you with 100% certainty that the one page site not only outperforms from a conversion perspective, but also from a search marketing point of view.

I know that many people still rely and believe in the autoblog. I would take heed to my testing and think about taking the time to craft a powerful one page (and I don’t mean one of those scroll forever type pages) site, or even a small mini-site.

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