DNLiquidity.net – Trying to Earn My Business or Is It Just Spam?

16 Nov


I know that we are all in business and everyone wants to make money. But, when trying to earn business, don’t send some intruding spam email like this:

To whom it may concern, (Glad the took the time to find my name, all they had to do was click once on the about page)
We’ve identified seog.com to be available for the first time (and possibly the only) through GoDaddy.com at http://www.godaddy.com/domains/search.aspx?domainToCheck=seog.com
We truly feel it’s a superior domain than the one you currently have now (Excuse me? Really?) and can probably work in replacement/conjunction to seogoodies.com.
We hope this email may have brightened up your day. (Oh yes, telling me that you found a superior domain really makes me shine like a sunbeam)

PS: If we did help, all we ask is that you write us a simple testimonial to be featured in our website to help us in our beta phase. (Done!)

Wow, I am soo impressed, I will stop what I’m doing right now to contact you. Amazing that this “company” thinks this method will work.

Here’s the best part. They are SOO good at their job (Getting you the domain you really want) that they don’t even own the dot come extension. What a bunch of clowns.

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