Do You Really Need an SEO Audit?

26 Nov

Do You Really Need an SEO Audit

I’ve seen so many places now offering these services and I have to wonder why?

There are many tools that deliver data now – Google, ahrefs, seomoz’s Open Site Explorer, Domain Tools, Social Mention, FollowerWonk, and many others that can provide some various ways to see what your site is up against in regards to online competition, and how the web views your site.

There are tools out there for any kind of audit you might need:

  • Traffic
  • Social Media
  • Brand reputation
  • Conversions
  • …And just about anything else you can think of

So why does anyone need to get an audit when all these tools provide the answers?

The reasons:
1.) Knowing what the data means for your site
2.) Analysis of your site with the data returned
3.) Expertise – Having someone who lives in the space, your efforts should be put forth to the proper items to improve your site

That is why you pay an expert to do the audit for you. Not only will they provide a snapshot in time of where your site stands compared to the competition, but they should also deliver an action plan that tells your precisely what the next steps are to take.

Pitch time:
Performing an SEO Audit can give you a current view of your site, and what needs to be done next, and in what order.

Click here to see what all’s included in the audit. Feel free to ask any questions you might have in the contact form.

Let’s get started today!

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