Doing Business As (DBA) Vs Brand Reputation

11 Jan

Doing Business As Vs Brand Reputation

Here is an interesting call I was part of. There was a potential client who called that was interested in search reputation management services because they had some negative press mentions about their company and didn’t have the time or knowledge to properly defend their name.

We talked through the process of what would be expected of them, and how I was going to coach them on the proper way to handle and deal with the bad press they were getting for their services.

I think we all know that no matter what business you are in, there will never be a company that is perfect. In some industries, this is a highly critical part of the marketing efforts.

Some companies spend a tremendous amount of effort to maintain the image of “The Brand” at all costs. So, no matter what transpires, they have to deal with it.

For this case, it was a mortgage company that was getting some very bad reviews by people who felt like they were lied to about what was promised to them. After talking with this potential client for almost two weeks, we had constructed a strategy to address the bad reviews, and a plan of action moving forward to handle any other mentions that might not put the company in the best light.

We were finalizing the details when out of the blue, the potential client decided that they would rather change their name (at a certain cost, hence the “Doing Business As (DBA)”) instead of moving forward with the plan we had crafted together.

While that might make sense for the short term, is that really a good business practice?

I was left shaking my head in amazement, and I was also sure to make certain I would never consider that mortgage company in the future!

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