Doing It Right Doesn’t Cost More

19 Nov

Doing It Right Doesn't Cost More

In today’s world it seems like that it’s more about “keeping up” rather than “getting ahead”.

I have to admit that sometimes it’s much easier to just “get it done” instead of taking the time to pay attention to all the little details.

Think of the carpenter who uses a good piece of wood for the back part of a dresser. Is anyone going to see it except for the carpenter and the people who use the dresser? Probably not. But the carpenter knows that using the good piece of wood makes for a better dresser instead of the thin-pressed particle board.

It also adds to the overall structural integrity of the dresser, which means it will last longer, be more durable, and hold up to the wear and tear of time. Will the people who use the dresser ever recognize this fact? Most likely no. But the carpenter knows the importance of paying attention to this detail, and in turn, is the reason why their work becomes known for quality work and craftsmanship.

It’s attention to the small details that separates the good from great. This also applies to SEO.

In order for a client to have success, there has to be an audit of what how the site currently stands from a search perspective. How else will I know what social presence they already have? Content to support the words they want to rank for? Resources to work with?

You don’t build a house without a plan, why would you craft a search strategy without knowing what’s already taking place?

Then there is the “coding” element. Not just on the site, but all the social profiles. There are many companies that think they have an optimized profile, when all it really contains is a logo and link. Why would someone want to follow that?

Then, the biggest differentiator comes into place. It’s know thing the *right* thing to do instead of just doing some “seo work”.

That is where experience and expertise start to emerge and show off. This is where the battle will be won and lost. Having someone with little experience will be cheaper, but will it be worth it when your site gets blasted by Google in the serps? Willing to find out?

Doing it right is not about having more money, it’s about caring enough to make an effort.

Like anything worth doing, it’s not easy at first and the ones who care aren’t going to get any awards from those that are merely phoning it in. The lack of caring in the service business is so rare.

Which is precisely what makes it valuable.

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