Domain Development

06 Feb
Domain Development

Chances are, if you reached this page, you found it by clicking on a search result from a search engine (probably Google, right?). No one needs to tell you how valuable traffic is. So, as someone who has great type-in traffic visitors arriving daily, imagine what your bottom line would look like if you multiplied that number by 5 times?

I used to think that the smart domain investor would jump all over this deal I used to offer, but then I came to realize that this offering is way beyond the scope of what most domain investors expect. There are other services out there that will construct a five page site that tries to monetize the traffic arriving to your domain.

Why bother?

Having tested parking by Godaddy, Sedo and Parked, and then comparing those results up against a five page site, the parked domain made more. But, when I created my own 1 page site with all my affiliate offerings and some Google Adsense, the site made more money than parking.

Thinking I had a great thing in place, I still needed to test one last thing: The Autoblog.


It takes more time to set everything up, and there will always be some tweaks that need to be made once the site gets running, but it was so well worth it. Think about it from both the user and Google’s perspective.

Let’s talk about Google first.

Google loves exact match domains, and sites that have naturally occurring traffic are rewarded with rankings in Google, since type-in traffic is a very important ranking factor in their algorithm. Keep in mind that the Google bot is a mindless machine and can’t understand relationships the way we can. It knows that if people are arriving at a domain directly from browsers, it must be important.

Now, develop the domain so that users can interact with the site with many options for them to take, all of a sudden, you’ve taken the source traffic to your domain and can now capture those visitors for future sales.

Imagine you decide to develop a simple site. An email capture form, featured advertisers and do a little bit of seo. Almost instantly, you start building an email list that you can market additional products and services to people you know are interested in what ever your domain is about.

Let’s get to how seo will boost your revenue by five fold.

Your domain is the big box retail store for all your visitors to walk through the front door. Trouble is, even the best retailers can’t possibly offer the exact thing that person is looking for when they walk in. SEO sends the person directly to the product or service they are looking for. You can send them to an Amazon listing page on your site, ebay listings, clickbank offers and even Google Adsense, it doesn’t matter. To the user, as long as what they are looking for is there they are happy and more likely to convert.

Think about your domain and all the possible items and services that it can sell for you. Every single product or service offering can be optimized and ranked in Google. Having your killer domain that already gets traffic will help bolster the rankings for the other phrases that will sell services or product.

Now, to the user.

If the person directly types in the domain name, they clearly know what they are looking for. When the user finds precisely what they want, they are more likely to buy. You already know this.

So what is the hesitation in developing domains?

Money. Cash. Coin. No one wants to part with it. It’s much easier to hedge your bet making 2k per month on your parked page versus investing $5k to build a site and then spend anywhere from $500 – 10K per month for seo.

But I have a solution to this problem. Contact me today to get the answer. I bet it won’t be what you expect to hear.

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