Dominate and Dislodge

21 Mar

Dominate and Dislodge

There are so many seo vendors out there that talk about getting to the first page of Google. The reality is, if they are decent, that really shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish, given enough resources.

The key for all involved is to reach that #1 spot in Google. Even a move from #3 to #2 is an increased jump in quality leads and traffic, but everyone knows that #1 is the ultimate goal.

So, how do you go about getting to the top of the mountain?

The first thing is to know what you’re up against. For the keywords you want to rank for, focus on what the site in the #1 spot has done. Of course you won’t be able to see or know everything they are doing, but there are clues.

After compiling your list, the process needs to start with what you will need in order to remove the #1 site and replace them with yours. Let’s get one thing clear – this is not a be all, end all type of approach. Once you dislodge them, you should expect them to return the favor 🙂

Imagine the top site has great video content. And you don’t, and you never will. How can you overcome this problem? The good news is that there are many ways to get to #1, and opportunities will lie elsewhere.

If you are terrible with videos, but can write great articles, that would be one place to start. It’s not just writing the content, but getting them in front of the right people that can broadcast your message too. Maybe you have a strong designer who’s great at visualizing data – infographics could be your ticket to the top.

Point is, you have to know what the top site IS NOT DOING, and then go out and earn links to your content. People consume content in different ways, and the more ways that you can deliver what they want to them, the more likely they are to engage in your brand, which in turn will lead to better rankings in the SERPs.

The last point to cover is the need to understand that this process will take time. The top site has earned Google’s trust in some manner. You not only have to reach that same level, but you must surpass it as well. The better job you do at this, the harder it will be for the next seo vendor to dislodge your dominating rankings.

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