Everyone Wants SEO until they see the Price Tag

15 Jul

Everyone Wants SEO until they see the Price Tag

So many times I get contacted to ask about the price of doing some “SEO Work”.

I tell them what it will take to get ranked #1 in Google, and they always come back with: “Well, I only have 20% of what you projected, what can I get for that?”

I can tell you.


SEO is like surgeon operating on the human body. I know where all the critical parts are, I know what parts to work on and to fix if needed. However, I don’t know what diet the site has been feeding on in terms of links earned (or bought). I don’t know what I am getting into until I get under the hood to see what’s been done prior to me looking at it.

Also, some sites have more ability to generate content or have an abundance of it already. On top of that, let’s not forget about all of the social profiles that need to be dealt with. Seems like everyone knows that social media is important, but they don’t know where their audience is active.

Next up is the old school link building part of the process. Directories still matter. No where near what they used to, but there are still about ten good directories that your site should be listed in. And, they aren’t free.

Don’t forget about the biggest piece of value that you are buying:


Everyone knows how to get links. But does everyone know how to earn high impact links? Or better yet, links that will send your site traffic? I already know that some of you reading this have already justified in your mind that somewhat shady link from that high PR site that wasn’t quite a direct hit for your client site, but you KNOW it will help get that site ranked for that term.

Was that the right decision?

Google will certainly let you know if not soon, they will eventually.

At SMX Advanced 2013, Matt Cutts told the audience that optimized press releases simply for link building wasn’t all that beneficial to rankings. But, it was good for getting exposure for your brand and offering. Which, if you follow what Google always says, do things as if search engines didn’t exist. Therefore, optimized press releases are never going away, just don’t expect to get any SEO benefit from the effort.

Those press releases are expensive. Many times, they aren’t even done correctly as well, nerfing all the effort that was put into it. So naturally, people lean on social. Let’s clear something up right now – Social will not earn you top rankings on the search engines on a permanent basis. Will they get you there for a day or two? Absolutely.

But what happens when your site’s social activity trails off? Yup. Your rankings go as well. Once you rely on social activity to drive rankings to your site, you are only delaying the inevitable. No matter what comes next, it’s the job of your SEO vendor to make your site the most representative of your site’s topic. It doesn’t matter what that topic is, but your site must be one the most important ones for that vertical.

If your site’s topic can have multiple meanings, it’s your job to make sure Google understands clearly what your site is about. Otherwise, confusion leads to lower rankings.

All of this knowledge that I just gave you for free, dear reader, is the reason why my seo services cost more than the company that emailed you earlier that promised results for an amazing price. For I know what it will take to get your site ranked. It might be just a video push. Maybe a social push to get the name out. Maybe all your site needs is an SEO audit that will identify the areas that need to be improved.

Regardless of what your site will need to get ranked, it will take money. It’s an investment. The more you spend, the more you get out of it.

I can’t make it any more simple than that. If this concept is beyond your grasp, I would suggest you hire those guys from India.

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  1. David Burdon | July 16, 2013 at 7:21 am


    Good thinking as usual. I’ve just picked up a new client that spent a ton of money on PR based SEO. It was very impressive in terms of links generated. However, in terms of actual search results they’ve achieve almost nothing from 12 months of work.

  2. admin | July 16, 2013 at 9:50 pm

    David –

    Great to hear from you! Yes, it’s amazing what some clients have had to deal with in the past, and for yours, I know they are in good hands!

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