F Google and Their No Follow Bullshit Linking Guidelines

26 Aug

F Google and Their No Follow Bullshit Linking Guidelines

Don’t know about you, but I am damn tired of Google telling me to “No Follow” links on the web. Why is it MY JOB to TELL GOOGLE what links are “good” or “bad”?

They are sucking down my server resources crawling my site with an automated tool (Googlebot), but if I automate my search queries, they knock me off.

Why can Google act like such a hypocrite and get away with it?

Simple. You all have been fooled.

“SEO” for way too long has been considered “free”. See my article “Everyone wants SEO until they see the Price Tag” for more on that.

Organic search is not free. Even though it still converts the best. Better than paid search, buying leads, social media and every other marketing channel available. (There is one thing that converts better, bonus points if you answer in the comments).

But, when it comes to budgeting, SEO almost always gets the least amount of money.

I have a site (www.factpile.com) where I ignore all the rules that Google wants us all to play by. Yes, there are certain SEO elements that I use, I’m not a complete idiot, but I NEVER CHANGE ANYTHING ON THE SITE TO ACCOMMODATE GOOGLE.

Read that again. When it comes to picking the user experience over some “SEO benefit”, I will tell Google to piss off every time.

So, I just read that now Google is having a hissy fit over WordPress and how they “waste” PageRank because I allow my reader’s comments (with links to other sites) to let my so-called “precious” link juice escape.

Here’s the thing.

FactPile would be a tumbleweed of nerdgasm if I didn’t allow the readers to comment. Here’s the most important thing. The readers DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT GOOGLE.

And why should they? They are there to talk about their favorite characters or franchise.

Imagine that. A website that’s not trying to exploit it’s readers? (Confession: That site does run Google Adsense)

Should I care about Google’s linking policies? On that site, HELL NO. It’s a hobby site, fun and purposely designed to give Google the middle finger at every opportunity.

And you know what the crazy thing about that is?

The site has brand immunity now. If Google disappears tomorrow, the site will only lose 10% of it’s traffic. The rest comes from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other sites that have similar interests.

Isn’t that how the Internet was supposed to be?

It was before we all bastardized it because someone figured out how to make some money from it.

So as I watch all the SEO’s scramble to account for the latest morsel of information on how they can maybe get more traffic from the all mighty Google, I just site back and enjoy the show.

I hope the next evolution of the web forces Google out of the main picture and returns all of us to a time where the most important part of your site was the content, not how well it ranked…

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  1. ben | September 25, 2013 at 3:58 am

    I believe that would be word of mouth marketing that converts the best!

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