Facebook Metrics

14 Jun

Facebook Metrics

Despite my dislike for Facebook urls, many companies still use the social giant to drive traffic to their site.

Besides traffic and conversions, how can you tell if all your efforts are working?

Since Facebook hasn’t yet offered a glimpse into their traffic data, we can only look at the variables that we can influence. How many times have you been on a site that had the thumbs up “like” button? If you are logged into Facebook, you will actually see if any of your Facebook friends already liked whatever was being prompted. If no friends have clicked, it will display a number of those who have clicked that icon.

So, what does all of this mean?

Google has walled garden access to Facebook, so since they only have limited access to data, they have to rely on the engagement metrics that are available to everyone.

On your Facebook page, Google looks at the number of “Likes” that a page has. While that is a key metric, the most powerful one is the number of “Shares”. As of this writing, Google can only track the “Likes” so it sees a greater number of Likes on a page as a signal of social engagement.

Be sure to get the number of your likes boosted as much as possible – Google knows that Facebook is the king of social right now and rewards those who leverage this digital asset.

Now that you know what’s important, you should review the Facebook Services page to see how we can increase these critical metrics for you, or just hit the over-sized Contact button to get started!

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