Facebook News Feed Trick

03 Jun

Facebook News Feed Trick
So, the reason it’s a called a “trick” is that this won’t last for too much longer. My guesstimate is that within six months of this getting published, Facebook will close the loop on this.

In case you weren’t aware, your Fanpage posts are only seen by 10 percent of your fans.

All the time and effort building your likes is being monetized by Facebook. They want you to spend even more to reach the connections you’ve already created!

In August of 2013, Facebook introduced something called “Story Bumping”. To best understand how this works, think of when you log onto Facebook. If you have the time, you can spend the time to go down the News Feed. But if you only read the first postings, you miss out on the older postings below. Story Bumping allows you to see old content that you haven’t seen before by bumping up the story in your news feed. This means that the old story will be placed in the top of your feed. This was determined by how much interaction the post had.

According to Facebook, a story can get bumped if it has fresh comments. Even if you have seen a post, you could see it again if enough comments have been generated. The key is to provide content that gets people interested and engaged. Even with 100 comments and crap content it doesn’t matter. Facebook actually calculates a score to all News Feed stories. The higher the quality of content, the higher the score and in turn the likelihood of Story Bumping.

The first step is to create high quality and engaging content. If you can do this already, you should write your own and post it to your own blog. If you’re not an experienced content writer, you can link to a related article in your niche on an authority website. (This is also known as “Content Curation”)

In order to have the best chance of success, you need to make sure it will have a high quality score. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to make sure your posts are timely. Don’t link to old information. You need to make sure that your content is relevant to your page and niche. The content needs to be something your fans would really be interested in seeing.

1.) http://likebutton.com – What’s trending on Facebook.
2.) http://www.google.com/trends/ – Google Trends. You can see what people are searching for.
3.) http://alltop.com/ – Find your niche, and you will find the top stories there.
4.) http://topsy.com/ – Shows trending topics.

The next step is to share your content. Here is a way to get even more views to your post. Do you notice your friends tagging other friends in their feeds? They do this so that the person’s friends that they are tagging can you see your post as well. The same thing works as well with pages. When you make a post, you can tag another page and have their fans see the same post. Just make sure that the pages you are tagging are highly relevant to your page. So find 2 to 3 highly relevant pages and tag them in your post. This is similar to an unknown shoe company that links to Reebok and Nike – brand awareness by association – and will get your message in front of more eyeballs.

Call To Actions. Don’t use them, it reeks of spam.

Once you post your high quality content, you need to get comments. The first way is to ask your friends to comment on your posts. If you have a page, many of your friends have most likely already liked that page. Post on your personal page with a link to your Page post and ask your friends to comment. You could even send them direct messages. Just be sure not to get too pushy or ask them to always like something you are promoting.

The next method is to buy Facebook shares. To buy the shares, visit a website called Social Link Mart:

The final strategy is to actually buy Facebook Comments.Some would say it’s “Blackhat” – but this ain’t Google, so you won’t have to worry about getting banned. Facebook knows people are doing this and don’t mind – just as long as whatever you are “promoting” only appears when someone is looking for it.

The first stop is FIVERR. Create an account and search for Facebook comments. Some providers will create them for you and others will require you to provide them. Either way, it’s a time saver.

Edgeineers Club – Cheap prices for all your social marketing needs, but in this case the main objective is Facebook, so buy what you can afford.

On average, if you can get 30 – 40 comments from real people, that should be enough to get your content “bumped”. If you can’t get that number with 12 hours of your post, you should then think about buying shares and comments.

When you have a choice, always go for higher authority instead of quantity. It does make a difference.

So there you have it. An easy way to get your stuff in front of more people. Some topics will need more efforts than others, and sometimes no matter what you do, nothing works.

That’s the way it goes online. If you repeat this process, in time you will be able to broadcast your content and you will so many fans that all of this will happen on it’s own. Be patient and recognize that it will take a few months of this to see the payoff.

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  1. John Doe | June 9, 2015 at 8:43 am

    Buying likes, comments and shares???? Why not just do it right and use Facebook advertising?

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