Freelancer SEO Guide

17 Oct

Freelancer SEO Guide

Had a conversation with a colleague who said that they really didn’t care much for my blogging style. It might be abrasive, and that’s done on purpose. There are plenty of SEO sites where everything is rainbows and unicorns and we are all one big happy family. Here’s what I think about that:

Go To Hell

But, I’ve decided to impart some wisdom today in a friendlier version.

Anytime you do SEO as a freelancer, there are many things that you are taking into consideration when you take on the project.
Will you have the time?
Do you have a chance to succeed?
Is the client reasonable?

There are many other things to consider, but I’m trying to keep this from becoming a short novel.

Do not, under any circumstance, reduce your pricing FOR ANY REASON. YOU WILL REGRET IT.

People who don’t do the daily grind of SEO think that “busy work” equates to rankings. They have no consideration about the countless hours spent reading up on other sites, testing techniques and in many cases, the value of spending 6 hours to get that one high quality authoritative link.

I know money might be tight, or you really want to afford that new super computer by taking on another client. If you change what you do to get rankings because of budget restrictions, IT WON’T END WELL.


You know better than anyone what it will take to get ranked. How can someone who doesn’t live in this know all the intricate details needed to get the job done? THEY DON’T.

If something doesn’t feel right, trust your judgement
When talking to the client, if you can already anticipate where there might be trouble, or if during any information exchange, they can’t understand what you will be doing, it’s most likely not going to work out long term.

If they don’t trust you, it will never work
You are the expert. You know the process, and your way of getting something ranked is different from their other friends who know SEO. If you spend your time creating micro-managed reports, how is that getting your client site ranked?

The MOST important rule: Don’t do any work until you are PAID
I know some people will start working as soon as the terms of the contract are decided, but I’ve been burned too many times by promises of getting paid and it doesn’t happen. Anyone who wants to do a pay-for-performance contract is bad news too. You will do all the work, and only they will get the benefit of all your work.

You might have better experiences and if so, more power to you. But take it from someone who’s been doing this for over a decade – follow these rules and your stress level will be greatly reduced.

Good luck!

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  1. Spook SEO | January 11, 2014 at 2:11 am

    Paul, these rules are very common in the life of SEO but many professional do not focus on these all at all times and sometimes they suffer. This post is a guideline for those professional which are doing well in their work but they do not get pain according to the services they are delivering.

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