Get Your Site Listed in DMOZ

29 Oct

Here are the ways I’ve gotten my clients into DMOZ:

  • Make sure the category you submit to has an editor – otherwise your submission may not get seen for quite some time.
  • Be accurate and honest about your site – affiliates will have a very tough time getting in.
  • Remember the category, URL, editor’s name and email address for…
  • …after waiting about 6 months (remember, it’s a volunteer network, they have lives and thousands of sites to look at) if you don’t get in, send them a friendly email reminding them.
  • If after that you still have no success, go to – armed with the same knowledge. That is the forum for DMOZ editors and you might be able to get your answers there.

The quickest way to get your site listed is not in the category but the location level – so if you sell security devices and are located in Austin Texas, don’t submit to the Security section of DMOZ, but instead go to the Regional/North_America/United_States/Texas/Counties/Caldwell/ area – you’ll have a much better chance of getting listed.

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