Good SEO Don’t Come with Short Cuts

03 May

Good SEO Don't Come with Short Cuts

Yeah, that’s right, I purposely used improper English.

But it got you here, and so the story begins.

If you listen closely to those spammy emails you get from India, it would be hard to think that getting ranked takes any effort. According to those compelling emails, for a small amount of moeny every month, your site will soon be soaring to the top of the search rankings.

They promise to get you directory lsitings, create compelling articles and get links at a guaranteed rate that is absolutely startling for what they charge.

And to think, here I am “wasting” my time creating something entirely original.

I’m often contacted by people who have been brainwashed into thinking that all SEO professionals offer the same service, and that the only difference is the pricing.

Unfortunately, I am also contacted by those who have sent way too much money to India in the hopes of getting those quick rankings.

Many times you can determine the thoroughness of the SEO provider by the questions that they ask.

Are they only asking about the keywords you want to rank for? Yes, that is an obvious start, but what about other critical items to determine if the property will stand a chance to get ranked?

For example:

Are they asking about your ability to create and post content?
Are they looking at your social presence?
Are they asking to see your analytics?
Are you willing to share any information about what optimization methods were used previously? (Good and Bad)

If someone is asking about an seo audit of an e-commerce site, will they be looking at it from a sku level? categories? converting pages? All of previously mentioned items and more?

The point is, Good SEO takes time to analyze, strategize, execute, report and then respond to.

Anyone telling you they can “take a few steps out” is like telling the airplane mechanic to quickly inspect the engines before the next flight. Nevermind the strange noise that it’s making…

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  1. Geoff | May 4, 2013 at 11:27 am

    Nice post Paul, people are enticed by the cheap offer to get your site on page one of google for very little investment, they don’t understand the risks to your website and your online reputation which can be damaged by money motivated SEO tactics.

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