Google Loves Google

21 Aug

Google Loves Google

You’ve known this since you first laid eyes on them. “I’m Feeling Lucky”. Click on that link from the home page and you get sent to the Daily Doodles of thier logo.

That’s the playful side of Google and that’s where it ends, ‘cuz after that, it’s all business.

Video? Please. If you aren’t on YouTube, you’re going to have one heck of a time getting that Vimeo movie ranked. Facebook Likes? Hah! Google has the “Google Plus” answer, AND you can +1 sites, show up in your friend’s circles and do video chat in hangouts.

Hungary? How about Yelp’s reviews? Oh wait, that’s right, when Google wanted Yelp to add more features, Yelp told them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Google’s answer? They went out and bought Zagat (Currently a restaurant review service, but will soon be expanding to cover more service related areas).

Web tracking – How to know what’s happening on your site when people arrive. Google bought Urchin, and re-named it Google Analytics. Now they can track all your traffic, since we are all so willing to tell Google our traffic secrets!

Images? No problem, they own Picasa. Mapping? They’ve purchased a bunch of technologies for this – Where2, Keyhole and Endoxon.

What else are they interested in?

  • Pyra Labs – Weblog Software
  • Applied Semantics, Sprinks – Online Advertising
  • Ignite Logic – HTML editor
  • Dodgeball, Zingku – Social networking service
  • Reqwireless – Mobile broswer
  • Android, allPAY GmbH, TalkBin – Mobile software
  • Upstartle – Word processor
  • Adscape – In-game advertising
  • Trendalyzer – Statistical software
  • Marratech – Videoconferencing
  • DoubleClick – Online advertising
  • FeedBurner – RSS Feeds
  • GrandCentral – Voice over IP
  • reCAPTCHA – Security
  • AppJet – Collaborative real-time editor
  • – Travel
  • Zetawire – Mobile Payment
  • – Social gaming
  • Punchd – Loyalty programs
  • Motorola Mobility – Mobile device manufacturer
  • RightsFlow – Music rights management

In all, they have acquired 116 companies/services since their inception.

A lot to love right?

It also means that they are in competition with just about all the most competitive verticals. And who’s going to rank #1 for a travel service? Hmm, might be a bit tough to knock Google out of the top spot for their own product, dontcha think?

Google constantly preaches about the “Don’t Be Evil” mantra. Seems like the only ones who can escape that are Google themselves. It’s their game, their rules and if you want a piece of the action you have to do what they tell you to.

So, what is one to do? Simple. Bow down to the great Google Gods and never question WHY they want you to do something. Instead, follow their “webmaster guidelines” to the letter and you might just get some traffic scraps sent to your site.

From this day forward, always cater your efforts towards any property that Google owns, and you will be welcomed into their SERP kingdom.

Unless you are wearing a gray or black hat…

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  1. Reg-NBS-SEO | August 21, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    Yup, they are the biggest and bestest!
    It is their ball and their rules, if you want to play.

    However if you follow their webmaster rules to the letter, you will get top results, not scraps.
    They tell you to “design for people”, and if you understand just how to do that, you will get top results.

    Designing for people means understanding how they search, what they look for when they open a new page, how they judge relevance, (Google “relevance theory”), how they read, where they read, and how to present your information, you will fall into Google’s top results.
    Add the proper markup to tell G the same thing you tell humans and you have a go.

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