How Google is Making the Blackhat Way an Option to Consider

23 May

How Google is Making the Blackhat Way an Option to Consider
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Forget the brands. So many legit sites are getting torched by the latest Panda algo and it’s quite troubling to see the impact it has.

So are we getting to a point where the black hat mantra is the way to go?

So many site owners are trying to play by the rules fairly, but still see no benefit.

In the meantime, the black hat is still making 5 figures a week for their churn-and-burn website.

Google is the driving force to make black hats who they are.

You’ll hear Matt Cutts tweet about how they took down a payday loan site or some link network, but how is that helping a small business owner?

A small business owner doesn’t have the time to know all the details of what the G algo wants. Instead they are trying to keep themselves afloat and being found in Google and it is a great way to do so.

But at what cost? I’d bet that anyone reading this column at some point did something online that they wish they could take back (we’re talking about links people!). Should a site be forever penalized by this?

According to Google, Yes.

They are the over bearing preacher that is allowed to dictate the rules to which many willingly follow.

But why?

Let’s say I am on the bottom end of the black hat totem pole. In one week, I spend 20 hours to autogenerate content, links and social signals, make about 10k, and then a week later, Google bans my site, who cares?

The following week, I buy another domain, repeat the process again and wait until G burns the next site.

All the while, I’ve only invested 40 hours of my time, yet made 20K.

Plus, being a black hat, I DON’T CARE what the algorithm does. I don’t have to concern myself about the length of my posts, if I am “over-optimizing” or using too much anchor text for a certain keyword.

Google knows that many small business owners won’t do this, and instead continue to try to “play the game” and get ranked in the search results. And hey, if that doesn’t work you can always use adwords right?

Of course there will be those who will point out that not all black hats are succeeding, and that is true. But why should you spend your time concerned about Google, when instead you should be focused on what your customers want.

How Google is Making the Blackhat Way an Option to Consider
Article Name
How Google is Making the Blackhat Way an Option to Consider
With Google`s constant algorithm updates and lack of telling why a site gets penalized, maybe it`s time to implement black hat seo methods to get ranked?

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