Google Places Optimization Guide

09 Mar

Google Places Optimization Guide

So, you want to learn all the steps in getting your business listed in Google Places*? GREAT!

This guide will detail every step you need to take in order to get your business locations verified, listed and ranked in Google’s “Seven Pack” listings.

I will not be trying to sell you anything else, no upsells, no “Wait! Before you leave, I have another offer!” The price listed gets you a copy of the guide.

This 19-page guide will tell you:

  • How to get your business listed in Google Places (even if you have no website)
  • What details are important to Google
  • How much traffic is in those rankings!
  • The 2 sites where your business must be listed in order to be verified by Google
  • Why you want to list offers
  • Additional Details section – absolutely must be used!
  • Page 7 has the all important “secret sauce” detail…
  • Citations and Reviews – How important they are and where to get them
  • The 2 methods that almost no one ever uses – that will put you ahead of your competition
  • The KML file – How they make a huge difference for your Places ranking
  • How to use the almighty QR code
  • You didn’t forget about Google Maps, right?
  • Micro-formatting your Contact Information
  • How many reviews it takes to get a “Star Rating” for your Places Listing
  • The exact same resources I use to get top Google Places listings!

All of this for an easily affordable price of $19.95!

After payment, you will be be sent an email with a link to download the Guide.

Risk-Free – Once you purchase the guide and review it, if you feel like it wasn’t worth the money, let me know and I will refund your purchase.

I can’t and will not guarantee that following all the steps in this guide will get you to the top spots. Each region has a different set of competitors and some will need more effort than others to get ranked.

This guide is only for businesses that are located in United States. While I think that most of the information provided will help any business listing in the world, this guide was built to rank US businesses.

*Google, Google Places is a trademark of Google Inc.

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