Google Places Optimization

03 Feb

Google Places Optimization

Google Places Optimization

Google Places is the online version of Yellow Pages. Only 15 years ago, every successful business would spend chunks of money to get listed in the Yellow Pages. But with Google focused on owning the local search results, they have dedicated a ton of resources on Google Places in the hopes of acquiring or eliminating the need for Yellow Pages.

Why Google Places Rankings Matter
Millions of local searches are being performed everyday for the products and services your company offers. A Google Places listing is a great way to get your business (even if you don’t have a website) to appear on the first page of Google search results when someone performs a local search.

Google Places optimization allow local business owners to create a profile of their business, including phone number, address, website, pictures, videos, trading hours, etc and also mark your business location on the Google Maps service.

It’s extremely important that your company appears in the map section. Google Places has to choose from hundreds of different businesses all trying to earn a listing for those seven precious spots next to the map.

The Challenge for Local Businesses
Get your business Above the Fold – search Google for a business in a specific location (New York Pizza for example) and look at the first page of the search results. You will be shown the Google Place Pages listings up toward the top half of the page, followed by everyone else. Also, the map image scrolls down as the user scrolls down the page. The sites that you had to scroll to are underneath the fold. You don’t want to make people scroll for your business — you want to be right up there on top, above the fold.

The greatest strength of online search is that any size company can compete and win, even against the giants of the industry. Local SEO can put your local small business above the huge companies on the search results page. Why? Because you’re optimized for Google Place Pages, and they aren’t. They don’t have a physical storefront in your area, and you do. That’s the power of Google Places.

Google Places Optimization: Reviews, Listings and Keywords = Conversions

Details of your service offerings will set you apart from your competition. The ability to control your listing is essential in obtaining the highest possible placement for Google Places and your business.

Earning reviews from customers is another critical component in getting top positions in Google Places. Multiplied by the chosen keywords for your business, you should expect to see an increase in the number of inquires to your business within minutes of getting your site listed.

How do I get started?

If you want to do it yourself, I invite you to click on the Google Places Optimization Guide link and you’ll have all same tools and direction I use when I perform the service.

Or you can contact me and we can get started on some Google Places Optimization services for your business. We are one of the google places optimization companies that deliver results!

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