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03 Feb

Hive Mind SEO
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Even an Idiot guesses correctly sometimes.

Back in 1907, a mathematician named Francis Galton asked a bunch of people to guess the weight of an ox. Most were off, and some were way off. But, as a crowd, they nailed it: The average of the entire crowd was off by less than 1 percent. The hive mind was smarter than the individual.

Keeping in mind that the search engines aren’t about to tell us the answers anytime soon, this is what SEO is boiled down to.

Yes, there are technical items to implement that always make a site “SEO-Friendly”, but what sets apart a ranked site that continually converts?

There are many different sites that are ranked that have little to no SEO applied to them. How did they get ranked? Here’s a clue – it’s not because they are optimized.

Instead, they have earned links from multiple places on the web. Knowing this, why do so many focus on the “SEO” side of the equation?

The reason is that they can all point to some document that Google puts out on the web, and tell their clients that they are doing everything as Google wants. So, how do the good rankings happen?

Since the start of the web, it has been all about links.

Today (2014), links are easy to generate, but much harder to validate their worth. The authenticity is built through community engagement and brand efforts. Getting the name out of your brand is very important now compared to the early 00’s.

So, while the hive mind may be right in guessing at what Google wants, the only thing you should ever concern yourself about is the most important metric: conversions from content.

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