How Long to Get Ranked?

15 Sep

How Long to Get Ranked?

This is easily one of the most popular questions I get. Of course I can understand why it’s asked. Doing search marketing is no cheap expense and the smart businessperson needs to ask this question of their seo partner.

Since Google is still the primary traffic driving search engine on the web, most search efforts should be tailored to what Google wants to see in a link profile.

Google recognizes that new sites spring up everyday. Most of them are junk or will fade in a few months. So they need to look for quality signals to make sure they reward a worthy site that will in turn provide the end users a good experience for their search queries.

Many search gurus swear there is a “Sandbox”. There are many articles that talk about that topic and if you’re compelled to learn more you should read up on them. In short, the “sandbox” is a magical penalty that Google places on new sites saying that no matter what, a new site can’t get ranked.

Let me tell you that is utter non-sense.

On average, I have newly registered domains that can get on the first page of Google within a month. Top rankings (positions 1-3) still take around two months to earn.

If you have a site that has been online for a bit of time, you can get your site top rankings for your desired phrases in a month, given you have certain elements in place.

Some of them are your domain’s trust. How long has it been online? Do other authority sites link to it? How long is the domain registered for? Spammers typically only register a domain name for one year. Any real business will register for at least five years at a time. (I always do ten, so I don’t have to think about it).

Other items to consider are how much site content there is to support the new phrase. No matter how many links get pointed to your site, if you don’t have great content, readers will leave just as fast as they arrived.

Competitive keywords will also require more effort. Pursuing geo-targeted phrases is a great way to earn local traffic to your site before going after larger “national” type phrases.

To sum it up, with unlimited resources, and established site could get top rankings in Google within a month, and for a brand new site, that expectation should be about three months for those rankings.

Is your current seo partner getting those results for you?

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