Idiots Driving the SEO Train

20 May

Idiots Driving the SEO Train

Imagine your position is to be the “thought leader” for seo at your company.

Pretty cool, right? Finally made it to the “top of the mountain”.

Then, about 24 hours before it goes live, you are told that your multi-million dollar site is switching from a subdomain BACK to the original “www” site, AND with the HTTPS layer on top of it.

Best part?

They never asked you to look at ANYTHING.

So, this means a few things.

1.) I’m hoping that all my blathering for the past three years has sunk in to every level of development and that all seo needs are properly taken care of.

2.) It could also mean they think I’m not needed at all, since no one asked for my input.

I’m leaning towards #2.

So now I sit back and watch to see what transpires.

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