Is Cash Parking Worth It?

28 Mar

Is Cash Parking Worth It?

Amazingly, I get traffic daily for my Godaddy Cash Parking Review, which was written almost 2 years ago now. But, since people are still coming everyday, it also tells me that others have gone looking for a good provider of this service as well.

I wish I had some better news for you, but I don’t. Even with my “VIP” status within Godaddy’s system, the cash parking has been ok. For me it’s a matter of principle. Sedo doesn’t charge me to park my domains. Neither does Fabulous. Or Google. So the only way to justify in my mind the value of PAYING to park my domains would be if I got an amazing amount of return or made a significant amount of more money.

But it hasn’t.

At that point in time, it’s insulting that I have to pay just to have my domains available for traffic – especially since I develop many of my own domains – it’s hard for me to see the value there.

But, for some, it might make sense if the money performs for the sites.

As in all business decisions, there’s really only one metric that matters – conversions.

Are you getting the clicks? Do they pay better than other platforms? Like Rick always says, you have to test, test and test again with all the service providers to see which one performs the best. Some domains just do better on Sedo than Fabulous. Sometimes there are better advertisers. The point is, until you test and measure, you really don’t know.

Good luck!

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  1. cameran | April 4, 2014 at 10:54 pm

    I have heard about cash parked domains, iam really thing about trying this, thanks for the great article !

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