Is Twitter better than Facebook when promoting your business?

28 Apr

For at least the last three years, the hot section of the tech sector has been social media. Starting with Friendster and then MySpace, everyday people have been going online to gather in communities with their friends and families. Even on some services with people they do not know. At one point, people who did this were considered to be geeks but now the practice has gone mainstream. The two most popular services these days for this kind of activity are both Twitter and Facebook. They both offer people a way to gather with likeminded members and discuss the issues of the day. Even though the mission is similar, they go about it in two completely different ways. This is why I say that Twitter is better for promoting your business than Facebook is.

As we said earlier, both of these companies have two different missions that try to accomplish the same goal. While they may have a little overlap, overall there is no mistaken which site you are on when you use their services. When you are on Facebook, you use it more for communicating with friends and family. Most talk is not work related and you are pretty much looking to relax and have a nice conversation. The last thing that you want to see or hear about is a person that is trying to sell you something. You may not complain about it but you will start to turn a blind eye towards it. You just want to log in, talk to your family members, see some pictures, and then log right back out. There is no time to listen to someone’s marketing pitch.

When you are on Twitter, it is a totally different experience. Even though you may have some of your real life family and friends following you, you mainly communicate with people you do not know. Most of the time, the only thing that connects you is your likeminded interest about different subjects. This is why marketing to people on Twitter is a lot better than Facebook. If you have a product that fits their interest, they will not mind talking about it and seeing you pitch it. After all, this is what they are on the service for. To talk about things that interests them. And if you have something that fits that need, then you will find that you have people who are willing to listen. You can verify this by seeing how your follower count starts to grow. Once this happens then you know that you are on to something.

Using Twitter as a tool to promote your business is one of the best things that you can do. Sure, Facebook may be the bigger service as of right now, but the people are on there for a totally different reason. On Facebook they want to relax, on Twitter the people want to be active and discuss their interest.

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