Landing Page Specificity Matters

15 Nov

Landing Page Specificity Matters

A good landing page will fit the specificity of the query. A detailed product page, for example, is a better match to a long-tail query for a specific item. On the other hand, if the query is broad, then a broader resource may be more relevant. For example, if the query is “chicken recipes”, then a page with only one recipe isn’t as relevant as a list of recipes.

This same thought process should also apply to all your keyword and ranking efforts. What’s the point of getting a top ranking in Google if your content isn’t what that person was searching for?

You’ve wasted their time, and now probably won’t visit your site again should it come up in the search results again – all because of one bad experience.

Additionally, do you want to pay for the resources it takes on your server should you earn that top ranking that has people arriving but not converting?

Every page of your site should be thought of this way. Lazy seo reaps no rewards. Keep in mind that there will always be someone who is willing to work hard to get ranked. Ignoring something as simple as proper seo coding in the long term will cost your business revenue.

Take the time to game plan a process that can be applied to all pages of your site. No matter how big or small the site is, you must think of your site as a store with many doors that send people directly to the product or service you are promoting.

Send that person to the right one, and that will lead to a conversion.

What are you waiting for?

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