Law Firm SEO

25 Sep

Law Firm SEO

Law Firm SEO

There has been much conversation on how law firms can use seo to increase their presence online. Gone are the days when yellow page advertising were the lifeblood of getting new clients. Today most people turn to the web when looking for a law firm to represent them.

Because of this change in behavior, it’s even more critical that law firms have a strong web marketing program in place. Google Places has replaced the need for yellow page listings. Sure, some clients will still use the phone book, but most people are now looking to see reviews on the success of the attorneys working at the firm.

Search reputation management is another service that all law firms should be participating in. Everyone now has a voice online and can cause damage to the reputation

that you’ve spent soo much time building. To not be engaged in this practice could lead to clients not choosing your firm simply because of some comments that someene made!

Is your law firm actively engaged in social media? While there are certain precautions that must be adhered to, there is a great opportunity that resides on the social networks. LinkedIn is a social site where professionals are looking for services and every law firm should have a profile that lists their accomplishments and recommendations from happy clients.

Twitter can be used to watch for potential clients. How? There are tools that monitor the tweets that are being posted (200 million per day!) and with some strategic planning, your law firm could be the one that replies to that person looking for representation.

Law Firm SEO

We have more information on our SEO for Law firms page which we recommend you visit.

The internet can present the bast case for your law firm in a way that people are ready to listen to. SEO is another critical point that should be part of all your marketing efforts.

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