Link Building

06 Feb

Link Building

Getting links pointed to your site is absolutely essential to getting your site ranked. If you ever hear anyone in the SEO/SEM industry tell you anything else, avoid them at all costs.

Getting quality links pointed to your site takes effort. There are shortcuts available, but as the saying goes: “You get what you pay for”. Link acquisition is a strategy that needs to contantly be addressed. At one time, reciprocal links ruled the day. But the engines quickly figured out how webmasters were manipulating the algorithm and reduced the value of that method.

So how can you go about getting links to your site? Glad you asked. Here are some of the things we typically do:

  • Creation of copy for directory submission
  • Participate in covnersations taking place on the web
  • Text links – yes, traffic is still traffic, right?
  • Strategic placement on websites that match your site content
  • Linkbaiting – it makes sense for some sites, but not all

On a month to month basis, we will plan our strategy to work alongside your entire marketing campaign to build brand awareness, deliver traffic to your site, and constantly look for linking sites that make sense for your site to be a part of.

We are available on a retainer fee basis – just tap into our expertise when you need it!

Contact us today: Your link future awaits!

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