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11 Apr

Google Docs – a free online service which offers office suite that includes software such exactly same as ms word, spreadsheet and also a service to create presentations same like PowerPoint, as well as Internet service of cloud storage files with file-sharing functions, That is developed by Google in order to give convenient to utilize ms office with the help of a internet connection and internet explorer or mozilla because all is required by you is these two software to use internet version of ms office in form of google docs.. It was formed as a result by merge of Writely and Google Spreadsheets.

This web-based software, i.e. program works within a Web browser without installation on a user’s computer. The documents and tables created by the user are stored on a special server of Google, or can be exported to a file in your hard drive with offline mode, to edit or to change it according to your desires. Accessing from any where in the world is one of the key benefits of this program, as well as access to the data entered can be done from any computer connected to the Internet (with access password protected).

Writely (Document)

A word processor that allows editing text documents same like OpenDocument, Microsoft Word, and many other word processing software.

Users can access and edit documents from any computer connected to the Internet because it have a powerful functionality which is Implemented with AJAX.

it have many large number of Available formatting styles: You can easily make Changing in the size and font style, colors and decorations, making of lists and tables, insert images, links and special characters. You can make bookmarks, comments.etc..making it compatible with web 2.0 standards.

Another great features of Google Doc is that you can Automatically save documents in the time when creating and adjusting changes, but each revision is recorded, and you can use the undo changes and return the same way as in ordinary text editor. It is also possible to upload an existing ms word file to the server or create a brand new and then download it from server in your desired format..

It also supports plain text, HTML, Microsoft Word, RTF, OpenDocument, PDF and several graphic formats. You can get a selection of texts as HTML files in the archives ZIP. Stated (but not yet implemented) it also support Word Perfect.

Google Spreadsheets

Allows you to write your text in the rows and columns of a spreadsheet, as well as making it easy for very complex calculations, yes now you understand it works like a perfect xl sheet. Which works with formulas and other great functions in ms excel.. The program allows the import and export data in a specific format of Microsoft Excel, OpenDocument and CSV.

Provides the ability to access other users to set up a table, as the right to edit or without (a maximum of 10 concurrent users).

This new software is incomparably functionality with full spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel or Calc, but it is enough for simple data manipulation.

Google spreadsheets is in beta testing. The full version should soon appear.
Google Presentations

Allows you to create electronic presentations. The users can import / export files, Microsoft PowerPoint (*. ppt).

The basis of Google Presentations formed development company Tonic System, acquired by Google in 2007.
Logo Writely beta
Screenshot Writely beta

Google Docs & Spreadsheets is based on two different products, Writely and Google Spreadsheets. Writely is a separate word processor for the web. It was created by Upstartle, and includes features such as co-editing and access control. Menu, keyboard shortcuts, and dialog is displayed mock those that users could see the word processing software installed on their computer, such as Microsoft Word or Writer.

In early 2006, Google acquired Upstartle. At that point in Upstartle employed four staff. Writely closed registration for its service at the time of transfer to the server Google. In August 2006, Writely began sending invitations to those who have left the request for information to start work before the end of the summer. August 23, 2006 Writely sent invitations to all those who leave request, and become accessible to all. Account holder to Writely can invite others by adding them to the sponsors of their paper in Writely. Writely has continued to work with its system users until 19 September 2006, has not yet been included in the system of Google Accounts.

Writely originally worked on the technology Microsoft ASP.NET, which uses Microsoft Windows. Since July 2006, Writely servers run on operating systems based on Linux.

Meanwhile, Google has developed Google Spreadsheets. Google Spreadsheets announced in 13 hours (UTC) June 6, 2006, and made it available only to a limited number of users who have registered first. The test version for a limited number of users has been completed, and it was replaced by a beta version, available to all owners of accounts Google Account.

In early 2010, Google made it possible for storing and sharing any type of files using the service Google Docs.
Business model

The business model of Google Docs fits into the overall strategy for providing services cloud storage by Google, and jointly apply to other areas (such as Gmail and Picasa).

In the bounded limits (about 2 GB for Gmail and 1 GB for Picasa) data is stored for free. Above the established limits storage is based on payments and is about 0.50 U.S. dollars per 1 GB per month.

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