Many Ways to Number One

08 Aug

Many Ways to Number One

This is a reflective post more than anything in exact detail.

Just been doing some thinking about the various ways that a site can get ranked in Google. From the obvious in links, there has to be other ways to get a site to the top, right?

So, for starters let’s look at what has always been important to every site: traffic.

Where does traffic come from? You can buy it in the shape of traffic-swap sites, Google PPC or if you are lucky, you have a great domain with killer type-in traffic that arrives on a daily basis.

Point is, let’s think about what it takes to get a site ranked WITHOUT Google.

Imagine we wake up and Google has been vaporized, and for that matter, Microsoft, ASK, AOL, Yandex and every other major search engine is down and out for the next year.

How would you get people to your site?

In today’s world, that first step might be to head over to your Facebook page and promote the heck out of it. Have a great video? Make sure your YouTube is pimped out to show all the great wares/services you have to offer. And of course, don’t forget to tweet to all your followers about your site.

What about your LinkedIn account? Is your profile ready to tell the world about everything you have to offer?

Do you have some great white papers that present a great story on a product or service your company has? Why aren’t you promoting that through a press release? How about a great article that demonstrates your expertise in your industry?

Ever been interviewed for what you know? Shouldn’t that podcast be readily available on iTunes? Can your site’s functionality translate into an app? iPhone, Droid and Blackberry?

How about the old fashioned blog? Have those RSS feeds powering and pinging every time someone opens their reader to see the latest information from you is? How about participating in a conversation about your industry? Are you presenting to local businesses? How about major speaking engagements? Are you the “go-to” person for your local media outlet when it comes to your vertical?

See where I’m going here? Many times we are soo focused on getting a top ranking in Google that we forget about all the other fantastic places on the web that provide targeted traffic for your site. Make sure you don’t neglect them, they are essential in reaching the top of the rankings mountain.

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