Mobile Optimization

06 Feb

Mobile Optimization

Funny thing about mobile devices is that they are almost always with us, and yet so many companies don’t take advantage of the hyper-local opportunity they present. Imagine you are a coffee shop with some simple blue-tooth detection program running from the PC that also acts as your cashier. Anytime a blue-tooth enabled user comes within a 50-ft range of your store, they get a text message telling them if they stop in and buy something at your store and show them the text, they get $1 off?

Think that might get someone’s attention?

Or better yet, their loyalty?

That’s just one example to demonstrate the tremendous opportunities that exist around mobile optimization.

So what could RankSurge do for you?

  • Code your site for better mobile device display
  • Strategic placement of relevant ads at a timely moment for the user
  • “Mobilize” your site
  • Enable mobile commerce (if applicable)
  • Make your brand portable to your customers

On a month to month basis, we will plan our strategy to work alongside your entire marketing campaign to build brand awareness, deliver traffic to your site, and stay on top of emerging strategies to keep your site ahead of the game.

We are also available on a retainer fee basis – just tap into our expertise when you need it!

Contact us today: The phone’s for you – it’s your competition already advertising…

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