No one gives a shit about brand value when selling a site

10 Dec

No one gives a shit about brand value when selling a site
I was recently trying to sell a site of mine that I have been running for six years. Despite the seo juice the site has (I can post something and it will be on the first page of Google within hours), that wasn’t good enough.

It didn’t matter about the almost 100k followers on twitter
Or the 10k subscribers to the youtube channel (with each video averaging 50k views)
even the facebook page was sending about 10% of all site traffic daily.

None of that mattered.

The only thing everyone asked was:
How much revenue does the site make on average every month?

Multiply that by 36 and that is the asking price.

I completely get the idea of trying to simplify the process to make it easier to get a price, but why is the branding value essentially reduced to nothing? No consideration for the ability of the site to get first page rankings in Google (for most posts) on the day it goes live?

The fact that there are loyal readers of the site who come every day to see what is going on at the site.

When did that part get factored OUT of the equation?

I thought we were always wanting to build a loyal comminuty of readers who love the brand and the experience they have with the brand?

Like they have always said, it’s money that makes this world go ’round.

It sucks that it’s true.

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