Optimize for Conversions

10 Jul

Optimize for Conversions

So many times people are looking at the killer metric: Where are we ranked in Google?

But, here’s something that most people tend to overlook – are those top ranked terms converting?

Who cares if you have 10,000 #1 rankings in Google. If they don’t convert, they are worthless.

While this is certainly an extreme example, I think it gets the point across.

When starting a search effort, if you know of terms that convert, why wouldn’t you start with those? Next, you can take the time time expand your efforts to other related terms that can convert.

This thought process isn’t limited to keywords. If you see people using certain paths or call outs on your site, those are great indicators of how people like to use the site.

Keep this mind as you are looking for ways to measure success on your site!

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