Organic SEO Doesn’t Mean FREE

20 Oct

Organic SEO doesn't mean free

A common myth out there is that listings that appear in the search engines naturally are “free”. They are free in the sense that you are not charged with each click that sends a visitor to your site. But most sites that have top rankings for competitive phrases did not get there by accident.

Organic search engine optimization/marketing is more than just “getting found in Google”. Let’s first break down the first problem:
The definition of seo. I am not sure why so many people have trouble distinguishing between the two (even in the search space), I think it’s more laziness than any other reason.

SEO is the coding of the site – think of it as building the lemonade stand. You need to have certain structural elements in place that make up the foundation of the lemonade stand – and your site needs the same. Here are some of the basic components:

  • robots.txt file
  • Search engine sitemap
  • Web sitemap
  • Proper error handling
  • Using the title tags properly

So, now that you have your site optimized (search engine friendly) you now need to let people know about it. This is SEM (search engine marketing) – links from other sites that point to yours, preferably with the anchor text you want to get ranked for.

There are some elements that need to be considered for this part. Does the website have the content to support the phrases they want to get ranked for? How competitive are the phrases that they want? How much budget is there to spend?

Unless you are optimizing for a one of a kind product that only your site offers, chances are there will be online competition for just about every phrase you want. There are different levels of competition – “Ringtones” will be very difficult to get compared to “Worm farming in Montana”.

When engaged in the month to month efforts to get phrases ranked, it’s all about links. Search industry secret revealed: ANYONE CAN GET LINKS. But, what most people don’t know unlike an seo expert, is WHERE and HOW to get GOOD links.

That is part of what the monthly fee to get phrases ranked for comes into play. Anyone can comment on a blog, submit to a directory and write an article. But knowing the best place to get them only comes from someone who is in the “space” and knows exactly where to go and what to do.

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