Pawn Stars Guide to Search Marketing

05 May

Pawn Stars Guide to Search Marketing

If you’ve never heard of Pawn Stars, make time to watch any episode now. It airs on Monday nights at 10 PM on the History channel.

In a nutshell, it’s a show about a family run pawn shop in Las Vegas. While the focus of the show is about the historical objects brought in to be sold, at the end of the day, there are many similarities running that pawn shop that apply to search marketing.

I thought I’d have some fun with this post, so keep that in mind while reading!

Everything that is bought and sold in that store revolves around making a profit. It is a business after all, right? The same goes for search. Yes, we need to make money too if you want our services to get better and grow!

“Is there a market for that?”

Often times, people bring in items that are one of a kind, so the shop has to pass because they see no money in trying to sell an item. This logic applies to keywords that seem like a great search term, but will it bring in people interested in your offer?

“Let me call a buddy of mine who’s an expert in…”

Anytime they have concerns about an item brought in, the shop will call in an expert who knows how to properly assess the value of an item. In search marketing, no one can be a master of everything. If anyone tells you that, you should be skeptical. Every seo company has it’s strengths and those are the ones that should be promoted.

“Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s valuable.”

Many people make the mistake of bringing in an old item thinking it’s worth a ton of money. Sometimes people do have something valuable, but they ruined the value by trying to clean it up. (Taking a wire brush to an antique gun, for example). In search marketing, those old items are called domains. There are some old ones with tremendous value and other ones that are still crap. Buying expired domains can add to the number of inbound links to your site, no matter what Google says…

Then we have a few quotes that the Old Man likes to use:
“The don’t be a dumb-ass policy is still in effect.”

This is easy – never link from obviously poor online neighborhoods. Use common sense when linking. If the blog comment you’re about to leave is about racing cars, and the blog is about horses, do you really think Google is going to value that link?

“Why don’t you get off your lazy asses and do something for God and country.”

Despite all the toolbars, research tools and automated technology available to us to earn rankings, there is still the old fashioned, get down and grind-it-out mentallity of looking at code, reading, acquiring links and testing your own theories.

Corey Explains Facebook to the Old Man:

So, whether you are a pawn shop owner or an Internet marketer, there are simple basics that can be applied for both that lead to success.

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