Press Release Optimization

06 Feb

Press Release Optimization

Perhaps the most mis-understood term in the search world today. Saying “press release” to most ad agencies, and they are thinking about getting your news piece in fromt of journalists and prompting story editors to call for a possible story.

The SEO version of that includes all of those plus the additional benefit of getting your press release found and ranked by the search engines. And unlike a typical press release, the optimized version won’t just be found for a few days – it can still rank years later!

Press release optimization typically includes:

  • Strategic placement of releases on the web
  • Inclusion to the news and feed readers of the search and news engines
  • Tweaks to the messaging to get more clicks
  • Social layer of code for sharing
  • Optimization of the releases to benefit your search campaign

Before any engagement, we would determine the strategy you wish to obtain, and direct all efforts in getting the press releases ranked in the search engines.

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