Professional SEO Services for Small & Medium Business

05 Nov

Professional SEO Services for Small & Medium Business

As someone who provides services at different levels to various clients, there is often a question asked of what separates the “small” and “medium” sized businesses from the Enterprise level clients?

It’s real easy.


Smart enterprise level companies recognize that they need to do seo and social in order to compete and stay on top of what’s happening online.

Small and Medium sized businesses tend to only look at the money they will spend on a monthly basis.

I fully appreciate and understand the need to be smart with your money. But the day is almost upon us where if you are not willing to dedicate resources to creating original content, then I won’t be able to help you.

Yes, there will always be “cheap seo” services from India (and soon China) that will get you links. They will be of the crappy, low-quality kind that Google engineers laugh off when they see them in your link profile.

Look at it this way.

When you sell your product or service, do you give it a half-hearted effort? Or do do your best to make sure you deliver an excellent user experience? Do a great job for the customer? Make sure that your product is the best it can be?

If you are willing to take those steps for the product or service that you offer, why would content creation get the short end of effort? It amazes me to this day that there are still many sites that don’t recognize the simple fact that your website *should* be the best salesperson for your company. There is NO EXCUSE to not have a website display everything a potential customer will experience should they choose your brand. Yet, many sites are very poor.

Your social profiles are part of this as well. Sure, you might have a Facebook page, but if you never post anything on it, do you really care about who sees it? Or more importantly, who uses it?

I used to be able to perform seo services for clients who couldn’t produce original content. That is no longer the case. If you aren’t willing to produce, don’t expect to stay in business very long.

Lastly, you need to make sure you earn reviews for your services. Not long from now, the search engines will not only rank you for your content, but for the user experience as well. Why do you think Google bought Zagat? Yes, it was partially because Yelp spurned them, but if you don’t think people look at reviews before making a decision on your company, it’s time that you thought about another career.

So, to small and medium sized businesses, it’s time for you to “grind it out” – create good, original content, and grow your community. Remember, building your brand is the best immunity to an algorithm change. IF you can’t be bothered to build your brand awareness, then don’t expect to ever ear top rankings in Google.

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