Proposalitis: SEO Clients Who ask for Proposals, but Are Never Serious

13 Jan

Proposalitis: SEO Clients Who ask for Proposals, but We All Know They Aren't Serious
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This outbreak is more contagious than a Zombie virus.

I used to work at a place where we had clients ask us for proposals ALL THE TIME but never take action.

We eventually coined the term “proposalitis” from all of this useless activity.

It got to a point where we KNEW the client was asking just to comparison shop. While that’s certainly their right, it was also frustrating when they would ask about what it would take to get a YouTube video ranked, and what could be expected only to have them not EVER choose to utilize the service.

One client in particular was soo bad that we flat out told them that we wouldn’t do any more for them until they accepted one of our previous proposals.

After SIX MONTHS of “thinking about it”, they left and went to another vendor. I pity those poor bastards who got them as a client.

I can say this. It was a great lesson in being able to quickly assess the situation to see who is really serious about getting something done compared to those who just want to kick the tires.

We’ve all been there. Spending tons of time creating a document that explains the benefits they will receive should they move forward. Then you send it off to the land of proposalitis, never to be heard from again. It’s like a black hole that just sucks a little bit of your life away, never to get back again.

It’s a cost of doing business, and GOOD clients understand and RESPECT the time it took you to create the proposal, and most times won’t ask unless they are seriously considering some new initiatives.

Don’t get caught up with Proposalitis. If you have clients who ask for more than three without moving forward on any of them, chances are they never will.

Save your sanity and energy for someone who deserves your time. Together, we can all stop Proposalitis.

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