24 Oct


Yes, everyone wants a #1 ranking in Google.

But are they really doing every thing that they could be to earn that coveted spot?

I doubt it.

Why is your site the absolute best at what it offers? Do you own the patent on the technology? Are you the only one who makes what you offer? Chances are if you are reading this, that answer is NO.

The rest of us have to compete against others in the space that might have some stronger selling points then us for some things. The reverse is true where your site might have something that is the most compelling than your competitors.

So, why does your site deserve to be number one?

Does your site have the best video, infographic, podcast, white paper, case study, testimonial, reviews, fans, likes, re-tweets, shares, comments, up votes, authorship, directory links, referrals, plus ones, articles, backlinks and direct traffic?

See the point?

If you want to earn a ranking, you have to decide to go get it. It’s a war to get a top spot, and only doing some of these things and thinking that your site deserves the top slot is insane. We didn’t consider the technical parts of your site. I’ll spare you that list for now.

Look, who doesn’t want their site to rank number one in the serps? But when looking at why your site isn’t there, you need to honestly assess your situation and what effort you’ve put into it to make the determination.

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