Reactive SEO

07 Mar

Reactive SEO

Reactive SEO

From my experience, this is how most companies implement their search marketing efforts. While it’s great to know that everyone is keenly aware that seo is an important part of business, there are still many who are going about it in the wrong way, and once an seo pro looks into it, there are many issues to resolve.

Here are some of the common issues I see:

  • IT Department – Use 302 instead of 301’s
  • PR Department – Press Release links to the wrong page
  • Content Creators – Do not use the targeted keywords in their content
  • Marketing Department – Restricts use of the title tag
  • Product Department – Products are not consumer driven
  • IA’s/UX – Dictate user experience over seo best practices

There are seo consequences of these actions. Most times, it’s just a matter of informing those involved to how they should properly label their content.

However, some issues require more attention than others. The key is to make sure the more important items get addressed first.

Typically the squeaky wheel gets the attention first, but the pro seo knows how to address these items in a timely manner. In some cases, it will be the most impactful items that would be fixed first, compared to others where just the ability to fix the problem dictates priority.

Regardless, reactive seo is not an ideal way to run a search campaign. Let the seo professional deploy their strategy in a timely manner, and then sit back to enjoy the results!

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