Search Reputation Vs Local Rankings

02 Dec

Search Reputation Vs Local Rankings

Let’s get one thing clear – both are extremely important to any brand.

But for the sake of this topic, which one is more important to focus on?

Let’s use an example of a brand that has a location in every major metro in a country. The first step is to get ranked for “geotargeted term + keyword”. that’s the easy goal. Terms like “Austin colleges”, “art colleges Austin”, etc.

So, the person searching finds the listing and is thinking about considering that school as a place to go into a ton of debt earn a degree.

Next they enter “(austin school name) reviews”.

Here is where the school truly makes it or loses out on that potential prospect forever.

Imagine the person reads negative reviews and experiences from the school, with no replies from the school adressing the issues mentioned. What will that person most likely think about that school?

They don’t care about the individual
They only want my money
I won’t be important to this school

It’s like having the best ads for a crappy product that doesn’t deliver what was promised.

Search exists for people to learn more and understand questions they have about something they are interested in. When a brand fails to remember this, it’s one of the reasons why they won’t be as successful as they could have been.

Next time someone asks which is more important, the answer is one over the other. Instead, make them work with each other to get the most out of all the efforts that the brand has built up over the years, and take advantage of the earned rankings.

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